The Mac and Cheese Method

Posted by – June 1, 2015

Growing up, I ate a lot of Kraft Mac and Cheese. It was easy to make, and it was delicious. I’m not ashamed to admit that I haven’t grown out of it. I see no reason why a refined palette should have to exclude the simple nostalgic pleasure of childhood comfort food.

In episode 119 of the Accidental Tech Podcast, Casey Liss called Kraft Mac and Cheese bland. Upon reflection, I agree…but only if you follow the directions on the box, which are terrible. I’ve made it enough times that I have a better way.

First, salt the water. Put in a teaspoon or two of salt. This is very important. Cook the pasta slightly al dente so it doesn’t get mushy and lose all texture, then drain and set aside.

Second, melt the butter in the pot.

Third, double the milk. 1/2 cup, not 1/4. Add it to the melted butter and stir.

Fourth, Add the cheese sauce packet. Toss in a handful of grated cheddar and sprinkle with grated parmesan.

Fifth, stir over medium heat until the sauce is smooth. The goal is to have no stringiness or chunkiness. (In the sauce. Some chunkiness in the eater is to be expected.)

Sixth, add the macaroni and mix well.

Eat it hot. Let your soul delight in fatness.

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