Month: December 2009

We Will Be Victorious

Posted by – December 8, 2009

Believe it or not, I drew this for a computer science class. The assignment was to do something right-brained that dealt with the subjects of the course. Well, we watched Robert X. Cringely’s Triumph of the Nerds videos during the semester, and I’m an ambigram nerd. These two facts conspired to bring you the image below:

It says 'Triumph of the Nerds', in case you couldn't tell

In case you couldn’t tell, this says “Triumph of the Nerds”. It’s rotationally symmetric; that is, if you rotate it 180 degrees it will still say the same thing.

I’m not wholly satisfied with the design. For one thing, there is no spacing between “the” and “nerds”; I didn’t have enough time to experiment with ways to separate them without compromising the “m” in “triumph”. That notwithstanding, I feel it’s good enough to share, and certainly good enough to make the grade.

Addicted to the Mostly Harmless

Posted by – December 1, 2009

Note to readers who are not my CS404 TA: this post is an echo of the last, not by my choice, but because the topics were assigned by my CS404 class, which requires me to post its writing assignments on my blog.

I have looked into the abyss. I have dabbled in online games, dipped my toes in the text-based precursor to MMORPGs; I have wiled away hours in pointless chat rooms. I have stared into the grasping maw of the MMORPG, and said, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

I am only grateful that World of Warcraft emerged after my vulnerable formative years were through, so that I could recognize what they would do to me if I tried them. I have avoided them like the drug they would to me become, and advise all others to do the same. You may not know how deep that abyss goes for you, and the potential enjoyment you might glean from the game is not worth the risk of it ensnaring you in life-destroying addiction.